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“Million Dollar Trader”
Reveals Trading Secrets
Anton Kreil is a professional trader formerly of Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers and JP Morgan. Whilst at university and
by the age of twenty he built a profitable portfolio and was hired by Goldman Sachs to work on Wall Street, later returning to
London to trade on their Long/Short Pan European Equities desk. At the age of 26 Kreil was a Vice President of JP Morgan
European Equities. He retired from the Investment Banking industry at the age of 28, and after travelling the world, returned to
London in the summer of 2008 to film the BBC T.V. programme “Million Dollar Traders”. Eight novice traders were provided
with two weeks training and one million dollars to trade during the financial crisis. They outperformed professional hedge fund
managers by four percent over the two month period. Whilst most of the contestants could not handle the pressure and were
either fired or resigned, the show proved that normal people can actually trade on par with the professionals given the right
instruction. The show was aired in 2009 and received global cult status, reaching territories as far as Australia, catapulting Kreil
into the limelight during the ensuing credit crisis. Kreil is now the CEO of the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management
in London and spends his time managing the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Managements global trading portfolio. The
Institute also provides educational support through trading seminars to independent traders and provides resources to those
traders and their brokers. Today Kreil gives us a rare glimpse into his trading methodologies and his life.
Anton Kreil
TRADERS´: Can you explain
your personal background, and
how you first got in touch with
Anton Kreil: Firstly thanks to
TRADERS´ Magazine for the
opportunity to talk about my
passion. I have been trading
since I was 16 years old. I am
thirty three now so obviously
that is over half my life. That is
longer than any company I have
ever worked for, longer than any
girlfriend I have ever had or house
I have lived in. Trading has always
been there and will always be
there. One thing I have learnt over
the years is that people, careers
and possessions come and go,
but the market will always be
there on Monday morning. For
me it truly is the gift that keeps on
I guess I got into trading pretty
much like anyone else probably
would. When I was fifteen I was
watching a documentary on
“Thatcher’s Britain” and what
the deregulation of the financial
markets in London had done for
the British economy. Not just
the numbers but also the social
trends. I saw a lot of TV clips
of people who did not look so
smart with lots of cash and got
very excited. This got me curious
in thinking that if they could do
it, then so could I. So I started
investigating. I then came up
with a two pronged plan. Firstly
I opened an account with a few
old traditional stockbrokers in the