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How the Fed Influences the Stock Market
The FOMC Effect
The US Federal Reserve’s monetary-policy decisions invariably
are closely followed by traders, investors, and analysts worldwide
since they are of great importance to the development of the
capital markets. The two economists David O Lucca and Emanuel
Moench have examined in a recently-published paper which
patterns occur in the stock market and what these could be
attributed to. Their findings were a bit of a sensation – but read all
about it yourself.
David Pieper
David Pieper has been busy studying the stock market since the late
s. As early as during his business studies at university and later
during a career as an investment analyst at a bank, he combined
fundamental analysis with the benefits of technical analysis. Mr
Pieper focuses on trading CFD‘s and works as a freelance writer in the
field of technical analysis. Contact: david.pieper@traders-mag.com,