TRADERS´ English I September 2013 - page 70

Marcello, the Wandering Trader
Trading on the Road, or How to Lose 80,000 on
a Bad Internet Connection
Marcello Arrambide is a Day Trader who travels the world. He has lived in ten countries across four continents and visited roughly
70 countries. Early in his career, he was working an average job – relying on other people to buy, clean, and sell real estate. Then he
heard about friends making tens of thousands of dollars in the stock market. That’s when he started to research the stock market,
Fibonacci, and day trading. After countless hours of back testing and speaking with an infinite number of traders, Marcello finally
reached the beginning of what he calls his dream: Freedom. Several years ago, he started his blog at
to both chronicle his travels and help others in achieving their dreams. In addition, he started Day Trading Academy
) to teach others how to trade the markets. Stay tuned for a truly outstanding interview!
TRADERS´: Please tell us about your childhood,
school, and your first jobs.
Wandering Trader:
I was born in Venezuela and officially
moved to the United States, when I was roughly six years
old. I spent half of the year in the United States and the other
half in Venezuela. Once I reached high school I permanently
resided in the United States. Upon attending university I
split my time between Italy and the United States.
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