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inventory retracement Bar
Developed and used to win trading competitions around the world, the
Hoffman Inventory Retracement Trade is quickly becoming one of the
most popular ways to identify where short-term countertrend institutional
inventory has subsided and when it’s time to re-enter into a trade’s original
trend direction. What you will learn here is how to identify when the
conditions arise to make the trade, the entry points, and exit strategy.
rob Hoffman
Rob Hoffman is two-time International Trading
Champion and a trader who has won numerous
live, real-money only trading competitions. Rob
is President and CEO of BecomeABetterTrader.
com and is also a frequent speaker for top
brokerage firms and financial exchanges, skilled
educator and passionate mentor.
What Is the Hoffman Inventory Retracement Trade?
The Hoffman Inventory Retracement Trade is a strategy
that is used to identify specific types of institutional
trading activity that is counter to the prevailing trend
at hand, and then identify entries when the short-term
countertrend inventory activity has come to an end and
the market is likely ready to resume its original trend.
an award-Winning approach to
Finding the great trades
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