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October/November 2015

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About us

TRADERS´media GmbH

TRADERS’ media GmbH is a boutique publishing house specialised in training and education in the areas of trading and financial exchanges. TRADERS’ media was founding in May 2004. Since then the company publishes the monthly trading magazine „TRADERS’ “in the German (Print) and English (digital) languages. TRADERS´ magazine was founded in 2001 by market mavericks Lothar Albert and Allison Ellis. Lothar Albert has been Managing Director of TRADERS´ media GmbH and Editor in Chief of TRADERS´ Magazine since 2004. Since 2012 TRADERS´ Magazine also appears digitally in French. In the near future, further editions will follow.

In the last few years TRADERS´ magazine has established itself as THE information and communications platform for the trading elite. The latest information regarding technical analysis, mathematical and psychological aspects of the markets is presented each month through articles and interviews. The profession investor can continue to sharpen their skills and knowledge base and stay current with developments in the world of trading. In Great Britain, TRADERS' has repeatedly been voted the 'Best Magazine for Traders', and the German edition has become a unique fixture as a niche journal among financial publications. TRADERS´ distinguishes itself from other financial journals in that we make no trading recommendations or buy and sell suggestions. TRADERS' objective is to provide a basis for building and honing the traders' knowledge base, from beginner to the professional level. Topics run the gamut from Day Trading, Swing Trading to (but not limited to) Position Trading. TRADERS´ covers all markets and investment instruments: Shares, options, FOREX, futures, certificates, bonds, single stock futures, CFDs and much more.

In addition to publishing TRADERS´ media GmbH also produces private label publications for banks and brokers and in recent years has also become specialised in trader education and video production as well. More about us:

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Managing Director: Lothar Albert

TRADERS´media GmbH
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D97074 Wuerzburg