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TRADERS´ Magazine has been published in German (print) since 2001 and in English (digital) since 2004. Beginning in 2012, an edition is also being published in the French language (digital). In the near future editions for Italy, Singapore and the Netherlands will be brought out.

In the last few years TRADERS´ magazine has established itself as THE information and communications platform for the trading elite. The latest information regarding technical analysis, mathematical and psychological aspects of the markets is presented each month through articles and interviews. The profession investor can continue to sharpen their skills and knowledge base and stay current with developments in the world of trading. In Great Britain, TRADERS' has repeatedly been voted the 'Best Magazine for Traders', and the German edition has become a unique fixture as a niche journal among financial publications.

TRADERS´ distinguishes itself from other financial journals in that we make no trading recommendations or buy and sell suggestions. TRADERS' objective is to provide a basis for building and honing the traders' knowledge base, from beginner to the professional level. Topics run the gamut from Day Trading, Swing Trading to (but not limited to) Position Trading. TRADERS´ covers all markets and investment instruments: Shares, options, FOREX, futures, certificates, bonds, single stock futures, CFDs and much more.

Because of its versatility, professionalism and timeliness, TRADERS' is the perfect guide to those looking to become professional traders and for those who have already joined their ranks, regardless which investment timeframe, market or vehicle you prefer. It is not without reason that TRADERS' magazine is known as- Your personal trading coach.

Ioannis Kantartzis

Ioannis was born in Ottawa, Canada and studied Economics at the University of Macedonia, Greece, where he graduated in 1994. He holds an MSc in Money, Banking and Finance from the University of Birmingham, UK, as well as a Diploma in Economics from Universidad Autonoma, Madrid, Spain. In addition, he holds numerous relevant accreditations/certifications regarding derivative products as well as market making and wealth/money management in Greece and the UK. He has a 17 year experience in the stock markets having been an executive at brokers and investment banks in Greece and the UK, with an emphasis in OTC products and online trading. He forms part of various professional bodies such as the CISI in the UK, while he is a founding member and member of the board of the UK MTA London Chapter. He enjoys jazz music a lot, arts, photography and sports while he is a keen traveller.

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

+44 7798 631716, +30 6932 315450

Anastasios Papakostas

Anastasios studied at the Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt and earned his Master’s degree in banking. He has served as high level executive for Commercial Bank of Greece, the Industrial Bank of Japan as well as Nomura Investment Bank. He is a member of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange as well as the ACI Forex and Money market association. Throughout his career he has brought significant value to brokerage houses and financial conglomerates alike, serving correspondingly as CFO, Sales Director and Director of distribution for Germany, UK and CEEMEA countries in the fields of Forex and CFDs. He particularly enjoys time with family, pool, travelling as well as old stone house renovation.

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

+49 176 32626352